Honey Soft Skin Recipe

Honey and baking sodaHoney Soft Skin

I know I have talked about honey before, but I have another honey soft skin recipe! I was watching Dr. Oz a while back when they did a segment for home remedies for beauty issues. One was using strawberries and baking soda as toothpaste. You take a strawberry or two, smash it up and add baking soda to it. You have to add enough baking soda to make it into a soft paste. They also added a few drops of lemon juice. So I tried this and was not a fan. I love my baking soda as teeth cleaner/whitener as is. The strawberries are great for whitening and many celebrities say that they rub a strawberry on their teeth before they go on the red carpet. Interesting I guess but we all know they spend thousands of dollars to get those teeth sparkling white or better yet buy themselves a new set of teeth.

Skin as Soft as Honey

I never really got the whole “skin as soft as honey” because isn’t honey sticky NOT soft? I mean it is smooth and flows gently…maybe I am mixing my quotes up. Anyway, the other home remedy was for acne and guess what it involves: honey and baking soda! So if you want to dry out your acne all you have to do is mix one tablespoon of honey and one of baking soda. You can do 1.5T of honey if you want but who has the time to dirty two different spoons? I decided to do this one just for fun and it wouldn’t hurt if it worked either. When you mix the honey and baking soda at first you thing “This will never mix!” but it does and you get a sticky mask like consistency. So on Dr Oz the woman recommended that you keep this mask on your face for no more than 20 minutes, which I did but could have gone a lot longer. There is no burning sensation just a little tingling which eventually went away. I will warn you, if you’re in a hot room this mask will start melting so keep a smock on or an old shirt.

Honey Skin Results

Coconut oilSo after washing my face I was left with super SOFT skin! I could not believe it! I kept touching it like it was a miracle of some soft. My skin also looked brighter. I was so happy with the results that I send the before and after to my best friend and cousin. I wanted them to try it for themselves. Since then, I have been using the honey and baking soda mixture mask at least once a week. If anything, it helps me relax and take a little “me” time. When I wash my face I make sure to moisturize using my organic coconut oil. I am telling you, two ingredients will change your skin-one tablespoon or honey and one of baking soda and you will be touching your skin uncontrollably like I did. Now, I keep the mask on for at least 30 minutes or as long as I watch one show. So I dare you to try the honey soft skin recipe and not like it!

Nivea Soft – My New Favorite Moisturizer

Nivea Soft Moisturizer

Nivea CreamSince I am European, it is no wonder that Nivea is our go-to product for everything! Whether you have a burn, a cut, or dry skin somehow the solution was to put Nivea on it and all will be better. The original Nivea is very thick and heavy for most people, myself included, but it works and moisturizes your dry hands, feet, and face. Recently I was in Wal-Mart and looking around for more Nivea lotion and stumbled upon Nivea Soft Moisturizing Cream. It was around 5 dollars and and some change for a nice 6.8 oz container as opposed to spending a dollar each time for a 1oz container in Rite Aid.

Why I Love Nivea Soft Cream

Simple and basic reasons why I love and recommend this cream:

-Smells great; not like the heavy duty tick Nivea Cream but soft, flowery almost smell

-Can use all over! It’s for your face, hands, and body so make sure to utilize it all over

-Very Light! This cream is super light and creamy, again not tick like the original Nivea products

-Has jojoba oil and Vitamin E which means you get some natural goodness in your cream.

-Absorbs fast without leaving face dry or wanting more.

-Great cream before makeup application (will not leave a shiny, oily, residue)

These are just some reasons why I love this Nivea Soft Moisturizing Cream and why I believe you should give it a try.

Buy Nivea Soft Moisturizing Cream

Nivea Soft CreamI am a lover of all things Nivea since I was a child and I do not kid around when I say that we used it on everything! Whether it was a burn or a jelly-fish sting, my mom would make sure that Nivea was around, just in case. Now that I am older and starting to see those wrinkles around the eyes and forehead, I realize how important it is to moisturize! I remember that I was watching a show and all these beautiful older women came out that looked nothing like their age! All of them recommended moisturizing and using SPF creams to shield your face from the sun and dryness. I make sure that when I get up, before applying my makeup, and after cleansing my face before bed, to put Nivea cream on my face, hands, and my feet. If you want to try a soft and creamy textured moisturized, then you should purchase Nivea Soft Moisturizing Cream and give it a go.

Oh Honey! How I Love Thee!

Honey Lover

HoneyHoney! Who doesn’t love honey? Well, I guess if you’re allergic or are afraid of gaining weight, you might not have a bottle or two of good honey in your home. I, on the other hand, love this golden treat that is sweet and delicious on food, inside food, or in my tea! Since I drink a lot of tea, it comes to me as a no-brainer to have some honey on hand and yes I will squeeze a little in my pizza dough (try it!). Since I was little my go to breakfast was a slice of bread with butter and honey with a hot cup of chamomile tea on the side. Yummy-yum-yum! My mother would also beat a fresh egg and honey together till it was really foamy and we would drink it before we left for school. You might be thinking ‘Ew fresh egg and honey?!’  but I’m telling you it’s another delicious treat you should try at least once! Maybe it’s just a European thing, but thank I love my sweet-golden-yummy-sticky honey!

Benefits Of Honey

While honey is a great sweetener, it can go a long way and do much more then add flavor and sugar to your food and drinks. For many, this golden stuff is a beauty go-to product that is affordable and effective! There are many benefits of honey but you will get the most of them from raw, 100% pure honey other than the other processed stuff. If you didn’t know, honey is a great product to have for a skin regiment or even a hair problem. Honey is perfect for both oily and dry skin and will make your hair lustrous. If you want to try honey for yourself, here is what you will need to do:

Oily Skin Mask (paste)

-Mix one tablespoon honey with four tablespoons of flour

-Add a few tablespoons rosewater (until mixture becomes a paste)

-Apply to face and leave on for 30 minutes

-Wash face with warm water


Moisturizing Dry Skin Mask

-Mix equal part honey and buttermilk

-Add a few drops of rosewater

-Apply to face and leave for 5 minutes

-Wash with cool water


Hair Moisturizing Mask

-Mix 3 tablespoons of honey with one tablespoon of olive oil

-Apply this mixture to the ends of damp hair

-Leave for about 15 minutes and wash out with your favorite shampoo

Use this mixture once a week for best results

Get Your Honey-Fix Today!

Honey has been used for centuries and you will most definitely see it in spas as one of their massaging gels. While honey is great for skin and hair, it is also an inner-beauty staple. For those of you that want to lose a little weight or are feeling irregular, mix: eight ounces of water with one teaspoon of honey and juice of a whole lemon. Drink this mixture in the morning on an empty stomach and see the magic happen. Honey can even be used as a wrinkle-tightening mask! I love to drink a cup of warm milk and a tablespoon of honey or so when I have a cough. It is soothing and delicious! A spoon full of honey will also calm your cough. Do you love honey as much as I do? How do you use it?

Have You Purchased Your Halloween Costume Yet?

Halloween Costumes

Halloween CostumesHalloween is right around the corner and I just can’t wait to wear my Halloween costume! One day out of the whole year, we are allowed to dress up in weird or sexy costumes and actually not get stares from strangers. Okay, maybe you’ll get a gaze here and there but just knowing that it’s okay to wear whatever you want will make you forget about that old lady shaking her head. As children, we would get dressed up and walk around with our classmates during one period of our class, collect a handful of candy, and go back to class. Later if you were lucky enough, your parents or cousins would walk with you again and you would come home all excited about the amount of candy you got. I would sit down and trade some of my candy with my cousins and if they didn’t want to exchange my whole day would have been ruined. These days as an adult, I don’t think about the candy but the cute little outfits kids are dressing up in and the sexy outfits grownups are wearing.

Halloween Costume Shopping

Halloween Costume Hocus Pocus

When it comes to costume shopping, I, like most of us, would wait for the last minute to run to Party City or other costume stores and purchase whatever is left in my size. After a few of these occasions I finally learned my lesson and found a better way to shop for Halloween costumes and it is called AMAZON! Yes, you’ve heard me; I shop for my sexy Halloween costumes online! Amazon is a great place to shop for costumes because they have such a large selection of items and affordable prices! This year I purchased a women’s Hocus Pocus costume and I absolutely love it! I got my dress for a total of 26 dollars, that is with tax! It is black and green (green is my favorite color) cute, the material is good and soft, and it fits like a glove! Whether I throw a Halloween party at home or go to one, I know I will be comfortable and feeling super cute!

Happy Halloween!

Happy HalloweenI know that shopping online for cloths or even Halloween costumes is scary but it really should not be. Shopping online gives you the option of comparing different items and brands, reading helpful reviews, and searching for the best price available! I love Amazon and I might even be an Amazon-holic but I can’t help it. If you know your size and refer to the chart, you should be fine. Reading other reviews can help you determine if you need to get a size bigger or smaller or whether or not the item is worth purchasing. If you are still waiting to purchase your sexy Halloween costume or scary Halloween costume, look around on Amazon first and see what you can find. If you already have your costume ready, look online again and see what you would like to be next year. Hope everyone has a happy and safe Halloween and that your Halloween costumes are everything you wanted and more!

Time For A Makeup Cleanout!

What Is Makeup Cleanout?

Makeup ProductsWe all clean out our closets at least once a year if not every season. We throw away the stuff that is ripped and unsalvageable, donate the stuff we don’t want anymore, is too big or too small, and put away the stuff we want to keep for the fallowing season. Now let’s be honest, how often do you do the same with your makeup? If you are a makeup-holic you already know everything there is to know about cosmetics and how often you need to replace them, but if you are a regular Jane, and use makeup once in a while or just for work, then you need to read on. Makeup, like cloths get old and worn out and can actually cause breakouts, acne, and even irritation if not replaced on time. A makeup cleanout means that you go through your cosmetics bags, shelves or baskets and toss out the old products and replace them with fresh, new makeup. As sad as it may be to see your old makeup go, a reason to shop for new products it always a plus!

When Do I Do A Makeup Cleanout?

We all use our makeup differently, some more than others which means we all don’t waste the same amount and don’t need to throw it out at the same time, or do we? Below is a chart that will help you determine if it is time to toss your makeup and stock up on new products instead.

makeup trashcanMascara– Most people feel that they can use their mascaras for 3-6 months but if you are an avid mascara user and tend to pump it a lot, you will dry out the product and cause bacteria to form inside. For those devoted users and pumpers, you might want to change your mascara every 4-6 weeks.

Powder eye shadow-Powder products can sometimes last for up to four years, especially if you clean your brush each time you use it but for most times you should replace it every 12-14 months. If you use water with your eye shadow, bacteria can form faster which means you will have to toss the eye shadow items even sooner.

Lipstick and Lipgloss– These two items most women use a lot if not every single day. I can say that lipgloss and lipbalm are my go to items and I am only now getting into the habit of using lipstick. These two lip products can last up to two years but for most of us, we would be lucky if they last us six months!

Foundation-There are so many different foundation options out there which means that they all have a different shelf life. If you foundation is water based, it can last you up to a whole year. If you use an oil based foundation, you’ll be glad to know it can last up to 18 months. If you are using a foundation that requires you to dab your fingers into it, then you need to replace it ever 6-8 months. Finger tips can easily transfer bacteria onto our products, so maybe next time opt for a pump foundation instead.

Powder Blush and Powder Bronzers– By now you should know that powder products have a long life and are less prone to germs and bacteria. If you use powder blush or bronzer it will not need to be replaced for at least two to four years.

Additional Makeup Cleanout Tips

Makeup BrushesSome of us get attached to our makeup and forget that it is just that, makeup which is replaceable! During the year your face color will most likely change, which means you should change your foundation every 6 months. If a product is dry, smells funny, and gives you a rash, toss it! To help your makeup last longer or at least last through its shelf life, make sure to clean your brushes after each use. You can use rubbing alcohol on a paper tissue and clean off the tips after each use and every week or so fully wash your brushes with warm water and baby shampoo or soap. Make sure to lay your brushes flat to dry. To remember when you need to toss your products, you can place a little paper around the item and write the date of when you bought it and when you should toss the item out. Another way to keep track is to place reminders in your phones so that you can get an alert when it’s time to clean out your makeup bag and go shopping for new items.

So, what are your makeup cleanout tips?

Simple Ways To Change Up Your Makeup Routine

My Makeup Routine

Black EyelinerWe all have a makeup routine that we just can’t seem to shake off! As a teen, my go-to makeup was just black eyeliner. Since I have brown eyes, the black eyeliner just made my eyes look nice or so I thought. When I would go out, it was eyeliner, jeans, a pair of flip flops and a nice top. It was a little funny how I would get all dresses up and put on flip flops at the end! Did anyone else do this? Maybe it’s a European thing since I would wait for the summer break to go there and go out with my cousins who did the same thing. Anyways, since I am no longer a teen I recently realized that I was still going for the same old black eyeliner and lip gloss and not putting more effort into my makeup, so I decided to change that fact.

My New Makeup Routine

Wet n Wild Liquid Eyeliner TurquoiseOnce I realized that there are other eyeliner colors, I decided to opt for blue and green instead. Avon has really nice eyeliners that you just twist up and at my local store they sell them for just three dollars. Recently, I have been exploring with more eyeshadows and even lipstick. The most dramatic thing I think that I added to my routine is the use of blush but not just any blush, pink blush (blushing mauve blush from Avon or Wet n Wild Heather Silk blush)! At times now all I put on is the blush, mascara and a little concealer under the eyes. I have started using eyeliner only when going out to dinner at night. Another new favorite thing I like to add is the Wet n Wild liquid green eyeliner to my top lid and it just gives off a little pop of color without adding too much drama.

How To Change Up Your Makeup Routine

There are some simple and basic things you can do to change up your makeup which include:

Wet n Wild Heather Silk BlushUse a different eyeliner! There are other beautiful and subtle colors waiting for your eyes to try including purple, blue, green, gray and brown!

Change up your eye shadow. Instead of using the same old basic brown color opt for blues or light greens. This small change can open up your eyes and make you look more refreshed.

Stop the full-foundation-face and use concealer instead. Put some concealer under your eyes, around your nose, blend a little on your cheeks and you’ll be showing off your natural and beautiful skin without being weighed down my heavy makeup.

Use a brighter blush! I know that most of us look for a safe blush, something that blends into our skin but that doesn’t add any interest to our faces. Instead, choose a bright or the brightest blush you can find and add a small dab to your cheeks and blend it in. Trust me when I say that a little bright blush goes a long way and your face will look more alive and bright! I am never going to go back to neutral blush again! Ever!

Use a highlighter to brighten your face and make it look alive. Most of us do not get the 8 hours of sleep we need to feel rejuvenated but a highlighter can help. I use the e.l.f. concealer/highlighter stick to achieve a brighter look by placing a dab of it under my eyebrows, above my cheeks, on my chin, a little on my nose, and a dab or two on my forehead.

We all have our ways of eating, drinking, talking, walking, dressing up, and even the way we put on our makeup. At times we forget that change is a good thing and needs to be done once in a while to keep things fresh. So my question to you is: What is your makeup routine and do you plan on changing it?

My Cheap Shopping

Beginning Of My Cheap Shopping

Cheap shopping is something fairly new to me and was never on my mind when I was a child or teen. When I was younger, I HATED going shopping with my parents and would huff and puff, beg and beg some more so that I wouldn’t have to go. The whole idea of going from one store to another and back to another store and more stores was exhausting. This is why I would get larger clothing, shirts I would never dream of wearing or looking at, but I would rather wear weird clothing then spend hours in the outlets. Now that I am my own person I love to shop and have a specific list of stores that I go to for certain items. Knowing what I’m looking for will mean knowing where I am going and which store I will be searching through. As a teen, I only went to H&M and thought if I couldn’t find something there then I wouldn’t find it anywhere, but since then my shopping view has changed, dramatically!

My Cheap Shopping List

Century 21 Department Store – This is where I go to purchase my summer dresses as well as party dresses for weddings, baby cloths, blazers, and linens including towels. I have fell in love with Century 21 in the past two years because it is organized, has great deals, and I always find something cute within the first 5 minutes of going in there.

Forever 21 -When it comes to cheap jeans and accessories, Forever 21 is the place where I go! This is also where I buy those cute tank tops that are sometimes only $2.50! In the summer you’ll also find very cheap bathing suits, around seven dollars a piece (14 dollars total), and can find very cute dresses under 20 dollars. Forever 21 also has a website which you can check out to see their clothing selection as well as sales and upcoming styles.


– H&M used to be my go to store but lately it has been a real disappointment. I have yet to buy anything from this store this year and I’m hoping it will change by the winter. When I can buy something from the store, it is usually tank tops, scarfs and cute push up bras where you can change up the straps.



-Amazon was the first place that I made a good purchase with my first check and found the perfect ankle boots! I’ve had these boots for over six years now and they are still going strong. I wanted to purchase another paid of them in brown but the company no longer sells them! Amazon is also the place I get all of my electronics and camera accessories like memory card and USBs. I have been looking at few clothing items as well but have yet to purchase them. This is also where I get my Coconut Oil and some sexy lingerie. Yes, I buy lingerie online but it’s really cheap and if you know your size, why not?

Sears -If you’re looking at the Sears logo and saying ‘Really?’ yes, really but not for myself but for my hubby. This is where we get his work shirts and jeans as well as going out shirts and jeans. Sears is always having some kind of sale in the men’s section and with their rewards card I get to collect some extra dollars and use it up as well as their coupons. Sears is also great for purchasing children’s cloths and household appliances.


Payless Shoes-When it comes to sandals and flats, Payless is my favorite cheap shopping store to go. Payless has a large selection of flats and I find the ones I like in a matter of seconds if not within the first minute. This store is not as cheap as it used to be so I’m a little disappointed but they do have a website and it makes it easy for me to find something before hand, search online for similar shoes and compare prices or just to see what they have to that I know what I’ll be looking for in the store.

Aldo Shoes -Aldo Shoes and Accessories store is not cheap at all and does not fall into my cheap shopping but if you know when to look you can get great deals. By the end of the summer you can find amazing sales as well as during their moving sales. I grabbed two pair of flats and a pair of high boots for under a 100 dollars and they have lasted me three years. The boots are supper comfy and I just go to the shoe-guy to repair the rubber soles.

Rite Aid -I have a Rite Aid store a block away from me and it is probably the place I go to every single day! Whether I am buying makeup or nail polish, water, cough syrup or getting household cleaners in their dollar aisle, I love this place! I have a 20% off everything with them when I use my rewards card and you can also use coupons you get online or find in newspaper or wherever. I really don’t know what I would do without my Rite Aid and if I ever move out of my current neighborhood I would have to make sure that there is a Rite Aid near by.

Bed Bath & Beyond -As much as I love Rite Aid, I realized that Bed Bath & Beyond offers cheaper prices on shampoos and other health and personal items. They are always sending us either a 5 dollars off or a 20% off coupons with any purchase over 15 dollars. Some stores will even take multiple coupons on one item and something will even accept expired coupons! You probably have to be headstrong like my mother for this to happen but I’m too shy to even try. Bed Bath & Beyond looks fancy and expensive but the prices are pretty reasonable and they usually have sales as well.

Aldi -When it comes to cheap shopping, Aldi takes the cake! This is not an apparel store but a supermarket where you can get all of your groceries at amazing deals! I have tried something out of each of the aisles in this store and I have to say they quality and price are amazing. One thing I do not recommend is the mac and cheese, go for the real Kraft instead but everything else is pretty darn good. I purchase everything from salads and turkey to pizza pan (which was on sale for 3 dollars and helps me bake the perfect pizza each time!) I just wish I bought more then one pan since I have started using it for everything from pizza to defrosting food, baking fries and chicken and so on. Their three dollars batteries are also amazing and last a long time!

ELF Cosmetics

-When it comes to makeup and cheap shopping, ELF is my place to go. E.L.F. cosmetics website is always having some sort of deals or sale and their products are great! If you are wondering whether or not you should purchase a product, just read the reviews and see if it is right for you. I am a true E.L.F. lover and do not know how I went on so many years without knowing about this company. Right now I am trying out there Zit Zapper which is only a dollar and I am in love! My forehead acne is slowly disappearing and this little magical tube dries out any new zits you have over night. Once I am done with the whole tube, I’ll post up some before and after pics.

Where Do You Do Your Cheap Shopping?

We are all looking to save a few bucks these days whether it is with coupons of looking for best store deals, we want to save! Whether money is tight or you want to save to buy something special or perhaps go on a trip, there are tiny ways in which you can save and achieve your goal. The above stores are just some ways I save and find to be very helpful in my life and our budget. What are your favorite cheap shopping tip and stores?

Easy Shopping Tips

Who Loves To Shop?

Shopping bagsOkay, most of us love to shop, if not for ourselves then for others and have our own shopping tips that we either share or keep to ourselves. I love to buy baby cloths for baby showers, birthdays, or when I am going to visit someone who has a baby. It just makes me happy and I usually find something withing the first minute. Some of us just go in and grab what we like while others do a lot of research and wait for big sales. I am a grabber but I love it when I grab something and it’s on sale! That just makes my day. Then I remembered that there are people who devote their time to research and know exactly when it’s the best time to do all the shopping and for what items and I would like you to share it with you for your next shopping trip.

Shopping Tips By Day

Happy ThursdayWe all know that in December and on Black Friday we get to find and fight for some amazing deals but some of us do not like big crowds or the leftovers from sales. So when is it the best day to shop? Well for me it’s when I have the time or my cousin or friend are off from work and can tag along with me which are usually on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Most of us wait for the weekend to see what stores have to offer or just to pass the day doing something. I stay away from shopping on the weekends because the malls are packed with people and teens and I end up getting frustrated instead of actually enjoying my day. So the best day to shop at stores seems to be on Thursdays. On  Thursdays most stores put up new items as well as restock the rest of their merchandise. So next time you are on your break or off, go check out your favorite store on a Thursday and see if you can find something special just for you!

Shopping Tips By Month

Discount Sale TagsEvery month or so, there is a holiday or some special even that leads to sales and makes our wallets and closets happy.

August is the month for back-to-school which means you will find great deals on school supply as well as school cloths. In August you will also find 10-15% off sales on blouses, shoes, skirts, and bags which will be perfect for back-to-work apparel. You will also find great deals on swimming suits and towels as well since summer is approaching it’s end.

September is the month where we have Labor Day meaning ‘extra’ sales and marked down prices on a lot of appliances. You will also see fall cloths such as boots, coats and jackets and are likely to find great deals and coupons online.

In October you will be able to get great deals on AC units, fans, and toys. In this month, you will also get a preview of the sale on winter clothing.

November is the month of being thankful for a lot of things in our lives and that’s when you will also see giant sales and mobs of people shopping and fighting for products. Do not be one in the crowd when you can find great deals online as well and shop safely in your home!

We love December not just because of the holiday season and the few days we get off but because of all things SALE! This is the month where people do all of their holiday shopping and pretty much all shopping for all occasions. In December you will discover deals on cloths, accessories, appliances, holiday gifts, cards, as well as car sales on last years models.

January should be your favorite month of all since clothing and accessories will be on super sales! You will also find great deals on furniture as well as computers and electronics.

February, the month of love and romance (V-day!) which means jewelry and chocolate items will be everywhere and on sale at that. Lingerie and perfumes will also be on sale so make sure to grab a new perfume for yourself then.

March is the month where you should see amazing discount prices on winter apparel, boots, gloves, and scarves.

In April expect sales on bridal gowns (sometimes up for 50-70% off), as well as vacations to Europe and cruises, and vacuums; so if you need a new vacuum, April is the time to get one.

May is the time to appreciate our wonderful and beautiful moms so you will see a lot of sales on gifts for mom. In May, athletic clothing and shoes, as well as watched and lines are on sale. So if your resolution is to get into shape, purchase a new pair of comfy sneakers in May.

June and July are the months of incredible deals on swim suits, dresses and all things summer-clothing. In June you will also find gifts for dads and sales on colognes and men apparel.

So what are some of your own shopping tips that save you time and money?



My New elf Eyeshadow Palette

elf Eyeshadow

I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again; I did not not know about e.l.f. cosmetics or elf eyeshadow products until recently, perhaps a year or so due to a very good, best friend. She first introduced me to e.l.f. products by taking me to a Target at the mall and looking for her blotch sheets. I was looking around and saw their one dollar e.l.f. brightening eye color sets where you get four different eyeshadow shades. I couldn’t leave without grabbing at least three different kind of colors and from then on I was hooked. I kept going back to Target to get more colors and use other e.l.f. cosmetic products and now it is my go-to makeup brand. As far as price goes, they are amazing and quality is pretty darn good as well.

New elf Eyeshadow Palette

elf Eyeshadow PaletteLately I have been visiting the e.l.f. website and each time I keep saying I will purchase something and in the end cancel it. I’ve already shopped at their website and loved everything I received even my free lip gloss gift. This time I decided to take advantage of buy one get one 50% off sale and purchased everything from mineral lipstick to my new 100 piece elf Eyeshadow Palette which I absolutely love! The set was on sale for $7.50 and it just made me think if I had one large set I wouldn’t have to buy little ones any more. Once the package arrived, I could not wait to get my hands on the palette and test it out. All the colors were cute, some were light, others very bright, but for me it’s perfect. With so many colors and pigments to choose from, it is well worth the money! This set is perfect for teens or anyone that want’s a little variety without having to have a table full of different makeup and eyeshadows taking over the space. Even one of my nosy cats has to smell the palette and give her approval.

Why I Love My New elf Eyeshadow Palette

Cat Smelling elf Eyeshadow Palettee.l.f. cosmetics truly has some unique and affordable products that everyone should try. They even have a mineral makeup line with nice shades of lipstick and powders. Their studio eyeshadow palette that I purchased has 100 different shades from very light pinks and peaches to different shades or grays, greens and even yellows! Some reasons that I love this set and think you should try it out as well include:

-Cheap (only ten dollars but I grabbed it while it was on sale for $7.50!)

-A lot of pigments to choose from (100 to be exact)

-It comes with different eye shadows, from regular powder, to sparkly, even baked

-Has a mirror on the top lid

-Comes with two eye-shadow applicators (brushes)

-Can create endless amounts of looks from smoky eyes to natural and vibrant eyes to cat eyes and so on.

-If my cat was curious to sniff it and walk around it, then you know it’s a good product. =) (If she doesn’t like something, she will make a face and run away. Since the eyeshadow palette does not have a smell to it, she was sniffing like a mad-woman.)

I think that e.l.f. cosmetics and I will be friends for a long time and I am sure as I get older their products will just keep improving. So far it has been well over a week and I love all the eye shadows I have and have tried. I now sit on the floor in front of my closet mirror and explore my colors; practice creating different eye-looks.The palette is called e.l.f. Studio Beauty School 100-Piece Eyeshadow Palette and my home is my school; where I learn to give myself little makeovers.

Have you tried elf eyeshadow palette yet and what do you think?


Young Dove Deodorant User

Dove Deodorant In Europe

Dove Original Spray DeodorantI started using deodorant at an early age, maybe when I was nine years old, but nowadays, that’s normal. I have used many different sprays, sticks, powders, roll-on, and so on and have never found anything that I’ve liked and that helped me with my sweat. One year, when I was in Europe, all of my cousins were using spray deodorants and I wanted to try them out too. So, I went to the boutique and bough a Dove Original Antiperspirant, loved it so much that I came back in the USA with five bottles. The fallowing year, when my mom went, I made sure to remind her to purchase more deodorant and she did, ten bottles! She bought different bottles and smells, but they were all amazing and I could not find them in any of the pharmacies here in NYC. Finally, one year I went to the 99c store and saw my deodorants! I was so tempted to buy them but I was afraid so instead I went to a Polish beauty store and guess what? They had them! They actually had all the different types of European deodorants you could think of and would see on commercials all the time. I wanted to try Fa, but I decided to just go with my original Dove spray.

No More Dove Deodorant For Me?!?

Dove Clear Tone DeodorantOne day I was getting ready to go out and my hubby grabbed my Dove spray deodorant, read the word ‘aluminum’ and said I should no longer use it. I thought he was joking but apparently he read that anything with aluminum will give you cancer. So I went to Rite Aid in search of new deodorant with no aluminum and this was a huge challenge! In the end, the only thing on the women’s section was Arm and Hammer Essentials Natural Deodorant which is aluminum and paraben free. After using this deodorant a few time, I noticed how much more I was sweating and that I actually STANK! This was a horrible sign that the deodorant was not for me so I went and looked for a new one. I grabbed the new Dove Clear Tone Sheer Touch deodorant without finding anywhere on the ingredients the word ‘aluminum’ but once I came home I checked again, and it was in the Active Ingredients section  which I clearly missed. Even though it had aluminum I decided to give it a try since I have horribly dark arm pits even after I shave. ( Click here for a one dollar coupon on Dove Clear Tone Deodorant!)

My Results With New Dove Deodorant

The Dove Clear Tone Deodorant is meant to help with wetness and order for 24 hours and help reduce of darkness under armpits. So far, after a month of use I can say that I see a great difference in my darkness and my armpits are looking pretty white, compared to what they were before. I never cared about this before but I just wanted to see if the product works. There are both pros and cons to this product, in my opinion:



-Works great as a deodorant (Don’t stink at all throughout the day!)

-Reduced the appearance of darkness under armpits

-Smells like baby powder/light


-Leaves white marks on shirts

-Dissolves easily (melts a little in hot places)

Do you know any good deodorant that is aluminum free and works? Have you tried Dove Deodorant Clear Tone and what do you think about it?