Best Holiday Beauty Gifts Ideas


Holidays are a time of giving, whether you celebrate Christmas or not. It is the time where we are jolly and Christmas songs surround us at work, at home and in stores. When it comes to the holidays and gift giving, the process can become overwhelming. It not only stresses us physically it can easily […]

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New Beauty Ritual


Over time, our skin can get used to the same products and same routines. This is actually false according to numerous studies and dermatologists. What can change, is how your skin currently and simple is. If the same products you’ve been using for months no longer work, you might try something new. If again, you […]

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Allure Subscription Box


Beauty subscription boxes have become very popular over the last few years. They have become so loved that others have followed their suit hoping to reach large masses. I love the idea of trying different beauty product to see what I love and what works for my skin before purchasing the larger bottles. One of […]

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Whiter Teeth with Oil Pulling


A few months ago my brother called me and asked what I think about oil pulling. I said “Oil pulling? What the hell is that?” Then I Googled, read, read some more and got intrigued. Could my bellowed coconut oil do more than just moisturize my skin and hair and enhance the flavor of my […]

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Honey Soft Skin Recipe

Honey and baking soda

Honey Soft Skin I know I have talked about honey before, but I have another honey soft skin recipe! I was watching Dr. Oz a while back when they did a segment for home remedies for beauty issues. One was using strawberries and baking soda as toothpaste. You take a strawberry or two, smash it […]

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Nivea Soft – My New Favorite Moisturizer

Nivea Cream

Nivea Soft Moisturizer Since I am European, it is no wonder that Nivea is our go-to product for everything! Whether you have a burn, a cut, or dry skin somehow the solution was to put Nivea on it. The original Nivea is very thick and heavy for most people, but it works and moisturizes your […]

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