Best Holiday Beauty Gifts Ideas

best-holiday-beauty-gifts-ideas-2Holidays are a time of giving, whether you celebrate Christmas or not. It is the time where we are jolly and Christmas songs surround us at work, at home and in stores. When it comes to the holidays and gift giving, the process can become overwhelming. It not only stresses us physically it can easily drain our pockets as well. This holiday season, be ready and give your friends and females in your lives, products they will love and utilize.

Holiday Beauty Gifts Ideas

Beauty Box Subscription– I love these! I give them out for holidays and birthdays. There are so many wonderful options that the choices are truly endless. You have everything from Allure Beauty Boxes to Beauty Box 5 to Birchbox and ipsy. I’ve either tried or gifted all of those because they are some of the most affordable options and you get incredible products. I usually do three months subscription so that the person has a chance to try a variety of new beauty products.

Face Brush– I love a good, cheap face brush that gets my face looking its best. You can find beautiful electric facial brushes with other brush attachments for $20 or less. You can purchase the brush set for yourself first to make sure it works properly.

Gift Card– I’m not a fan of gifts cards, simply because they say; “Here, you go find yourself a gift” but for co-workers they work. You have a ton of beauty places to choose from such as Sephora and Ulta. If you know where they shop you can give them a gift card for their favorite store instead. I would still add an additional gift with that such as candy or chocolate.

Create Your Own Beauty Package-If you’ve run out of ideas of what to gift to give your best friend for Christmas 2016, create a package. Include your favorite face mask, moisturizer or facial oil, foot lotion, or any other beauty products that you love and can’t live without.

DIY Beauty Gifts– If you love to create your own scrubs, lip balms or moisturizers, gift them as well. Use small glass jars, add ribbons to spruce them up and make sure to attach a tag of what it is.

Holiday 2016 Gifting Guide

When it comes to holiday beauty gifts, try to give something that is useful, that works and that the person wants to try. Always listen to the below hints to help you get the best holiday gifts:

  • I would really love to try ______
  • I wonder how that works.
  • Do you think that works?
  • What do you think about _________?

These are just some clues to listen to that can help you get the best beauty gifts for best friends or female co-workers. Remember to always decorate your holiday beauty gifts by wrapping them or placing them in cute boxes. If you love to play pranks on your friends, add your gift in a prank box. You will all get a good laugh out of it. Also, if you are giving someone a gift card, add something else to go with it such as a box of chocolate a scarf or perhaps a lipstick set they’ve wanted. In the end, you want to gift something useful, affordable and practical for the holidays especially to those people on your list that love cheap beauty products.


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