My Best Skin Care Tips

my-best-skin-care-tipsWhen our skin has blemishes, acne or just looks dull, we tend to want to hide or cover it with layers of foundation. If you want the best skin, you need to take care of it and nurture it so that it may thrive as you age gracefully. One thing I’ve learned over the years is that what you eat can affect how you look and how your skin feels. So here are some of my suggestions to you for the best skin care tips.

My 5 Skin Care Tips

Avoid sugar– Recently I watched The Sugar Movie and it made me want to avoid sugar at all cost. I no longer add sugar to my coffee and I don’t eat chocolate, cakes or cookies like I used to. I try to limit myself to 15g of natural sugar a day (sugar found in fruits and veggies) instead. This is a huge challenge but I eat more meat and vegetables and my chin acne has subdued. I also feel more energized and my belly looks smaller. I’ve had days where I had a slice of cake or other sweet but I end up calling it my cheat day and tell myself it’s okay.

Drink water– It’s true! Water really does wonders for your skin. Since I started my sugar-free lifestyle I noticed that I drink more water and my lips are not chapped. I’m sure it helps my skin stay hydrated as well or does other scientific stuff…

Pamper yourself– Take the time to take care of your skin! Put aside some time to exfoliate your face or put on a face mask before going to bed. Close your eyes for 20 minutes and just relax or grab a glass of wine and watch your favorite show while everyone else is sleeping. When you take the time to relax, you are letting your skin breathe and melting away your stress, if only for a few minutes.

Stop over-stressing– This is easier said than done but just try to stress less. Don’t let every single thing bother you. So a lady skipped you on the line, breathe, relax and smile. So your boss gave you extra work an hour before your shift ends, relax and you can do it! The more you stress the more wrinkles you’ll add to your face and gray hair will follow.

Relax your face– A lot of us like to raise our eyebrows and cringe our foreheads, leaving lines everywhere. Try to control your reactions without giving yourself a new line over your forehead.

My Beauty Tips Conclusion

So my skin care tips to you is to relax, stop wrinkling your forehead, and step away from processed food! If you want flawless skin, then take care of it! Moisturize daily, add SPF when exposing yourself to sun and exfoliate at least once a week.

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