Have You Purchased Your Halloween Costume Yet?

Halloween Costumes

Halloween CostumesHalloween is right around the corner and I just can’t wait to wear my Halloween costume! One day out of the whole year, we are allowed to dress up in weird or sexy costumes and actually not get stares from strangers. Okay, maybe you’ll get a gaze here and there but just knowing that it’s okay to wear whatever you want will make you forget about that old lady shaking her head. As children, we would get dressed up and walk around with our classmates during one period of our class, collect a handful of candy, and go back to class. Later if you were lucky enough, your parents or cousins would walk with you again and you would come home all excited about the amount of candy you got. I would sit down and trade some of my candy with my cousins and if they didn’t want to exchange my whole day would have been ruined. These days as an adult, I don’t think about the candy but the cute little outfits kids are dressing up in and the sexy outfits grownups are wearing.

Halloween Costume Shopping

Halloween Costume Hocus Pocus

When it comes to costume shopping, I, like most of us, would wait for the last minute to run to Party City or other costume stores and purchase whatever is left in my size. After a few of these occasions I finally learned my lesson and found a better way to shop for Halloween costumes and it is called AMAZON! Yes, you’ve heard me; I shop for my sexy Halloween costumes online! Amazon is a great place to shop for costumes because they have such a large selection of items and affordable prices! This year I purchased a women’s Hocus Pocus costume and I absolutely love it! I got my dress for a total of 26 dollars, that is with tax! It is black and green (green is my favorite color) cute, the material is good and soft, and it fits like a glove! Whether I throw a Halloween party at home or go to one, I know I will be comfortable and feeling super cute!

Happy Halloween!

Happy HalloweenI know that shopping online for cloths or even Halloween costumes is scary but it really should not be. Shopping online gives you the option of comparing different items and brands, reading helpful reviews, and searching for the best price available! I love Amazon and I might even be an Amazon-holic but I can’t help it. If you know your size and refer to the chart, you should be fine. Reading other reviews can help you determine if you need to get a size bigger or smaller or whether or not the item is worth purchasing. If you are still waiting to purchase your sexy Halloween costume or scary Halloween costume, look around on Amazon first and see what you can find. If you already have your costume ready, look online again and see what you would like to be next year. Hope everyone has a happy and safe Halloween and that your Halloween costumes are everything you wanted and more!

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