New Beauty Ritual

new-beauty-ritualOver time, our skin can get used to the same products and same routines. This is actually false according to numerous studies and dermatologists. What can change, is how your skin currently and simple is. If the same products you’ve been using for months no longer work, you might try something new. If again, you see no visible change, then you just have to get used to your new skin.

I am approaching the big 3-0 and it’s scary but then I just start thinking that next is the big 4-0 and it sort of calms me down. (Sort of, but not really…) Lately I’ve been paying more attention to my skin because who doesn’t want a young and youthful appearance. Celebrities have the money and time to get the best facial treatments and products on the market that are not easily accessible to us. So what can we do? I guess, just do our best.

My Skin Care Ritual

Over time I’ve tried different products to find what dries out my face, what irritates it and what works. My new skin care ritual includes:

Coffee Exfoliating– I use my cold coffee grounds to exfoliate my skin about once a week. I will use it on my face and my feet. Not only does your face have a hint of coffee aroma, it really makes your skin soft.

Moisturize– After exfoliating my skin with coffee grounds I put lotion on my face. If it’s at night, I will use Nivea. If I exfoliate during the day I will use e.l.f. moisturizer or Pura D’or Argan Oil. The Nivea is thick and some might say greasy so this is why I use it during the night. Thanks to my best friend, I was able to finally try e.l.f. moisturizer and I love it! It’s light and refreshing and perfect for daily use or before putting your makeup.

Limit Makeup Use– I truly try to avoid makeup as much as possible. That is, I only wear it when I’m going to meet up with my friends or go grocery shopping. My makeup usually consists of e.l.f. under-eye concealer and Wet n’ Wild blush. I’ve been using these two things for years now and still love them! I will put on mascara and concealer only for special occasions like weddings or where I know there will be a lot of picture taking. Hey, we all want to look gorgeous on everyone’s feed, don’t we?

Erno Laszlo Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar– I received this bar of soap in one of by Allure beauty boxes and I love it. I don’t use it often since 1) it’s small 2) it’s expensive 3) it can tend to dry out your face. I make sure to moisturize after using the sea mud bar but it really has changed my skin in a good way. I’ll use it once a week or every other week, let it dry on my face for a minute or two and then wash it off.

Beauty Conclusion

We all have different skins and find products that work for us. If something is giving you a rash, irritates your skin or even burns, don’t wait for your skin to get “used to it”. The key to beautiful skin is to exfoliate, moisturize and protect with SPF. Whether it’s 90 degrees outside or below 10, you need to shield your skin from sun and wind. Find the best skin care ritual that works for you and that will give you the results you want. Don’t forget to take the time to relax and pamper yourself at home!

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