Time For A Makeup Cleanout!

What Is Makeup Cleanout?

Makeup ProductsWe all clean out our closets at least once a year if not every season. We throw away the stuff that is ripped and unsalvageable, donate the stuff we don’t want anymore, is too big or too small, and put away the stuff we want to keep for the fallowing season. Now let’s be honest, how often do you do the same with your makeup? If you are a makeup-holic you already know everything there is to know about cosmetics and how often you need to replace them, but if you are a regular Jane, and use makeup once in a while or just for work, then you need to read on. Makeup, like cloths get old and worn out and can actually cause breakouts, acne, and even irritation if not replaced on time. A makeup cleanout means that you go through your cosmetics bags, shelves or baskets and toss out the old products and replace them with fresh, new makeup. As sad as it may be to see your old makeup go, a reason to shop for new products it always a plus!

When Do I Do A Makeup Cleanout?

We all use our makeup differently, some more than others which means we all don’t waste the same amount and don’t need to throw it out at the same time, or do we? Below is a chart that will help you determine if it is time to toss your makeup and stock up on new products instead.

makeup trashcanMascara– Most people feel that they can use their mascaras for 3-6 months but if you are an avid mascara user and tend to pump it a lot, you will dry out the product and cause bacteria to form inside. For those devoted users and pumpers, you might want to change your mascara every 4-6 weeks.

Powder eye shadow-Powder products can sometimes last for up to four years, especially if you clean your brush each time you use it but for most times you should replace it every 12-14 months. If you use water with your eye shadow, bacteria can form faster which means you will have to toss the eye shadow items even sooner.

Lipstick and Lipgloss– These two items most women use a lot if not every single day. I can say that lipgloss and lipbalm are my go to items and I am only now getting into the habit of using lipstick. These two lip products can last up to two years but for most of us, we would be lucky if they last us six months!

Foundation-There are so many different foundation options out there which means that they all have a different shelf life. If you foundation is water based, it can last you up to a whole year. If you use an oil based foundation, you’ll be glad to know it can last up to 18 months. If you are using a foundation that requires you to dab your fingers into it, then you need to replace it ever 6-8 months. Finger tips can easily transfer bacteria onto our products, so maybe next time opt for a pump foundation instead.

Powder Blush and Powder Bronzers– By now you should know that powder products have a long life and are less prone to germs and bacteria. If you use powder blush or bronzer it will not need to be replaced for at least two to four years.

Additional Makeup Cleanout Tips

Makeup BrushesSome of us get attached to our makeup and forget that it is just that, makeup which is replaceable! During the year your face color will most likely change, which means you should change your foundation every 6 months. If a product is dry, smells funny, and gives you a rash, toss it! To help your makeup last longer or at least last through its shelf life, make sure to clean your brushes after each use. You can use rubbing alcohol on a paper tissue and clean off the tips after each use and every week or so fully wash your brushes with warm water and baby shampoo or soap. Make sure to lay your brushes flat to dry. To remember when you need to toss your products, you can place a little paper around the item and write the date of when you bought it and when you should toss the item out. Another way to keep track is to place reminders in your phones so that you can get an alert when it’s time to clean out your makeup bag and go shopping for new items.

So, what are your makeup cleanout tips?

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